This whole spring season has been a bit messed up, however nature rolls on regardless.Barn Owls on their nestboxThe Barn Owls paired up in February, but have just laid their first two eggs. So for anyone interested the Barn Owl Nest Box Camera is available at this link.

Normally the Kestrel nest camera is streamed to the www, but this year a large influx of Jackdaws has disturbed them and they have not nested yet. Their manic Male Kestrelnestbuilding in any available spot has disturbed many other birds too. In the Kestrel Box a pair of Jackdaws has built and torn down a nest at least twice a day for the last week and there is a pile of twigs, grass and wool under the box which has been discarded. This is in addition to several other places they have built and removed.

The Jackdaws attacked one the owls recently and actually brought it to the ground. It was able to scuttle inside a shed and get shelter there and made a dash back to the box shortly after. Around the bird feeders too, the Jackdaws bully other birds and generally wreck anything breakable.JackdawFemale Kestrel Many years ago I would have been so annoyed by this behaviour that I would have shot a couple and tried to scare off more, but now any intervention is frowned upon so I let Nature take her course. I'm not sure the Kestrels would agree.