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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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Any micro-organism that causes a disease in plants or animals.

On a farm scale two types of pea are grown: Vining peas for human consumption, and combinable peas generally for livestock feed.

Generic term for any Plant Protection Product which may be subdivided into herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

The acidity index of the soil. Various crops perform better at optimum ph so certain crops may be suited to particular fields or areas. ph may be raised (more alkaline) by the application of ground limestone.

An elemental nutrient required for crops. Normally applied as a phosphate.

The process used by plants to convert carbon dioxide, water and sunlight into carbohydrates and oxygen.

A device which has changed little over the centuries used to turn the top layer of soil over and bury trash ready for the next crop.

Damage to grass and soil caused by excessive animal treading in wet weather particularly round feeders etc.

To cut the top off a fairly young tree at a height of 2 meteres or more to produce a straight stem with a 'bushy' top.

An animal bred without horns. Usually refers to cattle.

Fine particles containing the fertilizing element of plants (male) formed by the anthers of plants. Most allergies are caused by grass and tree pollens.

Pollen Beetle
A small (about 3mm) shiny black beetle which can occasionally become a pest in canola. It can destroy the flowers whilst still buds, in it's attempts to reach the pollen.

An essential elemental nutrient required for crop growth, normally supplied as inorganic 'K'.

Measure of weight consisting of 16 ounces. There were 2240 pounds in a ton. (not tonne).

Power harrow
A shallow working secondary cultivator with rotating tines which stir up and break the soil down to a seedbed. Regularly have seed drills fitted to carry out two operations with one pass.

Pre Emergence - generally refers to herbicides which are applied to the soil before but more commonly after sowing but before the plant begins to appear above the soil surface. Also known as residual herbicides.

A liquefied petroleum gas (C3H8) containing more heat value than natural gas that is often used for grain drying.

Power Take Off. A splined shaft at the front or rear of a tractor used to supply power to attachments such as mowers or power harrows. Standard speeds are 540 & 1000 rpm.

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