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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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An acre is the traditional unit of measure and is a square approximately 209 feet per side (=4840 sq. yds.). The amount one man and two oxen could plough in a day. It is gradually being replaced by the metric unit the Hectare.

A substance other than water, when mixed in the spray mixture is intended to enhance the effectiveness of a pesticide.

Advection fog
Occurs when relatively warm moist air blows over a cool surface, leading to a reduction in temperature to below the dew point of that air.

A progression from farming that combines agriculture and business. Large areas of land and large numbers of animals may be involved but with less interest in the environment and animal welfare than traditional family farms.

Qualified person who inspects crops and advises growers on agronomy, varieties, herbicides etc.

Air (Seed) Drill
A seed drill where air supplied by a fan is used as the medium to transport the seed from the metering unit (Picture) to the coulters.(Picture)

Ammonium nitrate
One of the main sources of artificial nitrogen fertiliser. Generally it is supplied as a prill and contains around one third of it's weight as 'nitrogen'.

A serious, sometimes fatal disease of animals and humans caused by a soil borne bacteria.

Small insects that feed by sucking the sap from plants. They are the carriers of many viruses that affect a range of plants and crops.

Apparent Temperature
Apparent temperature is the general term for the perceived outdoor temperature, caused by the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed.

(Fraxinus excelsior) Species of large deciduous tree native to Europe which likes heavy alkaline loams. Being affected by Ash Dieback in the UK. (2013)

Long tubular pieces of equipment to move grain. Augers have a spiral screw inside an outer tube which pushes the grain from the lower end to the top end. They are usually powered by electric motors and vary in diameter from 75mm up to 300mm (Picture)

Using a GPS position to control the machine's steering so that great accuracy can be achieved.

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