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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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Removing soiled fleece from the rear of sheep. This prevents contamination of the fleece at clipping time.

Diammonium phosphate. Used as a fertiliser, depending on price, and contains 18% Nitrogen, 46% Phosphate.

Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. A (UK) government department with many sub 'agencies' which dictate how they think the environment should be managed.

Degree Days
Growing Degree Days (GDD) give an indication of the warmth of each day by measuring the temperature over a base temperature.(of, say,5°C) The amounts are totalled to give a figure for the season so far and this can assist in calculating grass growth or cereal harvest.

To dry out. In a cropping sense, dessication usually means to apply a total herbicide to speed up the ripening and drying process.

Dew Point
The temperature below which water vapour will condense on to objects such as plants. The relative humidity would be 100 percent at this time.

Dipping (sheep) is used to control external parasites such as blowfly and ticks. The sheep is immersed in a bath of water with a persistant insecticide mixed in.

Direct Drilling
Placing seed into soil which has not been cultivated by using a heavier than normal seed drill which is able to penetrate in hard/dry conditions. Also known as No-till drilling.

A water channel dug to assist drainage or to mark a boundary. In this part of the world most are bordered by a hedge. They may collect and remove water from many drains

The effort required to pull an implement through the soil. Also the control on a modern tractor which keeps this load constant by raising or lowering the implement.

In the field sense a drain is a clay or plastic porous pipe buried at around 1 metre deep and covered with approximately 300mm gravel to collect and remove water from farmland.

To make a draw with livestock is to sort fat from thin, ewes from tups, etc. Drawing lambs for market would be to select those with correct weight and conformation.

Drill (seed)
An implement used to place an exact amount of seed at a desired depth. This can be from 3kg/ha for canola to 250kg/ha for wheat.

Dutch Elm Disease
Dutch elm disease is caused by a fungus (Ascomycota),and is spread by the elm bark beetle. Originally from Asia, the disease has been accidentally introduced into USA, New Zealand and Europe.

A local term used to denote the area round the outside of a field which never gets full sun or wind because of the hedge or wall (dyke).

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