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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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The temperature scale on which melting ice = 32 and boiling water = 212 The alternative is Celcius. A rough conversion is: °F - 32 / 1.8 = °C

Land left without a crop for one or more years. A very basic way to improve the soil fertility.

Family Farm
The 'traditional' idea of farming where a relatively small farm is owned and managed over several generations by one family. Normally two or more generations are working simultaneously. Most are very efficient and environmentally benign.

Generally accepted as 'artificial' nutrients supplied to the soil to replace soil reserves taken off in crops. The major nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Field Capacity
The point at which soil becomes saturated and cannot hold more rainfall. If drainage is good, this should rarely occur but if it is poor runoff and erosionmay occur.

The feeding of cattle or sheep at a higher rate of growth which increases muscle on the animal and makes it acceptable for slaughter.

Flea Beetle
Small beetle with enlarged rear legs which allow it to jump large distances. The larvae can be a problem in brassica crops such as canola where they develop inside the stems.

Shearing a sheep so that it's wool is removed intact in one piece, results in a fleece.

A (Liver fluke) parasitic flatworm with a complex lifecycle involving snails and sheep/cattle.

Foot and Mouth
(Disease) A viral disease of cloven hoofed animals (sheep, cattle, pigs etc) which is easily spread. The UK is normally free of this disease but the last imported infection in 2001 was seriously mismanaged by the government.

Foot Rot
An anerobic bacterial disease of sheep's feet exacerbated by wet weather or muddy fields. Some breeds are more susceptible than others.

Leafy crops that are (intentionally) grazed by livestock.

Forage Harvester
A machine powered by a tractor or self propelled which lifts a swath of wilted grass and chops it finely before delivering it to a following trailer. It is ensiled in a clamp

A natural or man made shallow part of a river or stream to allow crossing.

Free range
A system of poultry keeping in which hens are allowed to range over a large area of open land. The definition may vary as Agribusiness takes over.

Frog Hopper
An insect resembling a small frog which is best known for it's larva producing 'cuckoo spit' on plants.

A chemical (natural or synthetic )used to control or destroy fungi in growing crop. If left untreated diseases like mildew (Powdery) can have a devastating effect on crops.

A measure of length equal to 10 chains or 220 yards. (201.1 metres)

A disease which infects the plants at a very early age and may kill seedlings, or at the ripening stage where ear development is affected and grain quality reduced.

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