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Letham Shank Farming Glossary

Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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A young female pig until her second litter.

A female sheep over a year old which may or may not have had lambs.

A total translocated herbicide. Commonly used in cleaning stubbles or grassland destruction. Roundup is the best known trade name.

Genetically Modified - plants which have their structure modified by introducing genes from another species of plant or animal. None are grown commercially in the UK, yet.

In farming terms, Global Positioning System, using a network of satellites which give the operator's position to within 150mm (6 inches) or with correction to 20mm (0.8 inch), Used for Yield Mapping, Auto-steer and Variable rate application.

Purpose built structure designed to store grain in without risk of damage due to moisture, fungi, vermin etc. Temperature and humidity may be monitored and controlled.

A 'nuisance' weed which can be found anywhere. Popular for feeding cage birds and rabbits.

Growth Stage
A decimal system to describe the progress of a plant through the season. GS 0 is a dry seed, GS 50 is flowering, GS 90 is ripening.

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