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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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A mist or fog generally on the east coasts of Scotland and N. England which forms over the N. Sea and is brought to coastal areas by easterly breezes. It generally does not permeate far inland.

A measurement used to indicate the height of a horse, consisting of 4 inches (101mm).

A shallow working trailed implement used to break down clods. Disc harrows may be used for primary cultivation whereas tined harrows are used pre or post sowing.

Gathering a crop from the field when it is ripe.

A spring-flowering thorny shrub(Crataegus) commonly used to make stockproof hedges. If untrimmed will grow into a small tree.

Grass that is cut and allowed to dry naturally in fields before being baled. This is stored and fed to livestock over the winter. It is less used now due to the unreliablility of the weather and relatively low feed value.

The area of a field adjacent to a fence or hedge where machinery turns. This is normally cultivated last to avoid compaction in the soil.

Measurment of area consisting of 10,000 sq. metres. Equal to roughly 2.47 acres.

A field boundary composed of shrubs such as hawthorn or blackthorn dense enough to keep livestock in the field and provide shelter. Hedges require regular maintenance to prevent them becoming sparse and less effective.

A hefted flock is one which by instinct remains on the same area. (e.g. one hill) Hefted flocks culled by MAFF in the foot and mouth 'epidemic' were irreplacable.

A young female cow of over 12 months old, which may or may not have had a calf.

A substance used to control weeds. May be selective or total. Glyphosate (Roundup) is a total herbicide, Cheetah S (Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl) will kill only wild oats in cereals and some other crops.

A scottish term for a flock of sheep on a farm(generally on a hill) which are looked after by one shepherd. Traditionally this was 400-600 ewes.

A young sheep from the time it is weaned to its first shearing.

The final stage in the decomposition of soil organic matter. It is essential in maintaining soil structure.

Measure of weight equal to 112 lbs. or 1/20th of a ton. (2240 lbs) Now is approximated to, but does not equal 50 kg.

A small portable gate made of wattle but nowadays of aluminium or steel. Commonly used to make temporay sheep pens in buildings or outlying fields.

A device for measuring the humidity or water vapour in the atmosphere.

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