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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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A pesticide used to control unwanted nematodes (eelworms), generally in root crops such as potatoes.

Net Blotch
Primarily of barley, this disease appears as small brown lesions which develop to produce a network of brown lines.

Generic term used by farmers for fertilisers supplying nitrogen to plants (e.g. Ammonium nitrate)

Nitrogen fixation
The conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to plant compounds by microorganisms in soil and root nodules. (e.g. in legumes such as clover or peas)

The point on a plant stem where a leaf or leaves are attached. A new stem leaf or even root may grow from this point.

Non Inversion Tillage
Similar to MinTill where crop residues are mixed with the top layer of soil instead of being buried by ploughing.

Also known as a spray tip or jet on a farm Sprayer. A device which converts pressure to velocity and thus atomises the liquid for application to crops. On a tractor drawn machine, jets are normally 500mm apart and form droplets of fine, medium or coarse sizes.

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