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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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Telescopic handlers are a development of the traditional forklift. They have a boom which can be raised or lowered within which is another section which can be extended to give greater height or reach. Most can have a variety of attachments fitted such as grain buckets manure forks bale grabs or pallet forks.

Thrashing Mill
Before combines most grain was separated from straw by means of permanently sited mills in farm buildings. The next step before combines were large mobile mills. The principles of thrashing and separation has changed little over the years.

A type of mite which is suited only to one host animal per species. They feed on the blood of the host.

The stage a plant goes through when side shoots are developing which each may carry its own flower and ear. Each such shoot is a tiller.

The quality of a seedbed. The finer the tilth the better protected the seeds are and the better the soil/seed contact for moisture transfer.

A rigid or sprung leg of a cultivator which carries a wearing 'point'.

A (metric) tonne consists of 1000 kilograms. An imperial ton equals 1016 kg.

Top Dress
Applying fertiliser to the surface of soil (normally in a growing crop) so that rain will wash the nutrients into the soil.

A method to mark a field by halting seed flow during drilling to leave blank strips in the crop which subsequent tractor journeys may be made. Essential for the accurate application of pesticides and fertiliser.

The loss to atmosphere of moisture by plants during normal growth.

A minority crop which is a hybrid of wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale). It is supposed to bring the yield of wheat and hardiness of rye together.

Northern word for a ram - a male sheep for breeding.

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