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Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside.

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Warble Fly
The larva of the warble fly cause much discomfort to cattle as it moves from the hoof to the animal's back under the skin.

Gradually leading young animals to be less dependant on their mother's milk and become independant and eat solid foods.

'A plant growing in the wrong place.' End users have demanded fewer weed seeds in grain etc. over the years requiring fields to become weed free. Field margins however maintain the diversity necsessary to support various 'weeds'.

The major cereal crop grown in the UK. Wheat falls into two categories, hard, generally suitable for milling (flour) and soft, usually used for distilling animal feed and biscuit making.

Wild Oat
(Avena Fatua) A grass weed which has incredible survival traits. It can be a major problem in cereal crops where it reduces yield and grain quality.

The perceived decrease in air temperature felt by the body due to the combined effects of low temperature and wind. Normally only calculated for temperatures below 10C

Similar to a swath. The crop is laid in rows to be dried by the wind and sun.

As opposed to earthworm worms are generally intestinal worms of livestock which are normally contracted by infected pasture. Animals may be treated with anthelmintics to control worms.

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