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The arable side of the farm has been geared up as far as possible to be a 'one man operation' but at harvest time an extra body generally has to be found to assist with hauling grain from the combine.

New Holland 8360 New Holland T6080 (4wd): Main tractor which does all heavy work such as ploughing, sub-soiling, cultivating and drilling. It is fitted with a front linkage and PTO and has front suspension and 'Intelliview' monitor. It replaced a NH8360 which was an excellent tractor.
Renault 616 Renault 616 RZ (4wd): This tractor replaced the MF (below) which at 17 years old was beginning to struggle with heavier modern machinery. The Renault has front suspension and front linkage and carries out all the fertilising, spraying and hauling work.
Massey Ferguson 3065 Massey Ferguson 3065 (2wd): A superb little tractor which is almost retired, but still is used for rolling, pasture topping and spot spraying with a small 9metre sprayer. It was resprayed and overhauled in 2007.
JCB 526 55 JCB 526-55 Handler: An excellent telescopic handler which is used nearly every day for grain moving, bale stacking/loading, silage wrapping/stacking/feeding, pallet/big bag handling.........in fact any job where lifting is required.
TX 34 in Wheat New Holland TX34 (17 ft cut): This combine is getting fairly old but is maintained well and stored under cover. It cuts all my acreage and some for neighbours.
New Holland 655D Backhoe New Holland 655D Backhoe: This machine, whilst fairly old, is in very good mechanical condition and is extremely useful for jobs such as drainage, fencing and odd jobs round the farm.
Farm Fans AB120 Grain Drier Farm Fans AB120 Grain Drier: Small batch drier which is fully automatic in operation and which can cope with about 75 tons per day. An intake pit can hold about 50t and the dry area about 200t. The grain is then moved to a long term store where it is further cooled.
Marshall QM11 Trailer Marshall QM11 Trailer: Purchased in 2007, this trailer reduces the number of movements on the roads when leading from the combine and speeds up the operation of moving grain to the long term store. The hydraulic tailgate is operated from the tractor seat.
KRM EX Trend Spreader KRM EXW Fertiliser Spreader: New in 2002. It is has 2.4 tonne capacity and is fitted with load cells which monitor the weight of fertiliser in the hopper and adjust the spreading rate to give accurate application regardless of forward speed. It is used with a 'Patchwork' GPS controller for variable rate application.
Kverneland ES200 Plough Kverneland ES-95-200 5 Furrow Reversible plough: with Auto-reset No 28 Bodies and trashboards. Furrow width is adjustable from 12" (300mm) to 20" (500mm)
Sumo Trio Sumo Trio 3: Purchased in 2008 this is one of the better 'min-till' machines on the market giving performance equal to or better than bigger/more expensive machines which require more horsepower. It cosists of 6 subsoiling tines, two rows of scalloped discs then a heavy large diameter press roll.
Terracast V2 Terracast V2: This was fitted to the Sumo Trio in 2017 and is ideal for sowing small seeds at low rates (e.g. OSR) The seed is dropped in bands behind eack tine of the Trio.
Renault 616RZ on Rowcrops with Hardi LPZ sprayer Hardi LPZ 21 metre sprayer: This was new in 2003 and has a 1200 litre capacity. It has full hydraulic lift/fold control and spray output is managed by a computer. The front tank holds 600 litres giving a total spray area of 18 Ha (45 acres) Ha at 100 lt/ha.
NH T6080 & Khun Venta drill Kuhn Venta Combiliner 3.0m seed drill/power harrow combination.This drill purchased in 2009 is used to sow all seeds from Canola to beans. It is normally used in conjunction with a Kuhn 3002 power harrow on the front of the tractor. It can easily hold over 1 tonne seed and can operate faster than a Suffolk coulter drill when conditions allow.
Coil Tine Cultivator Coil Tine Cultivator: This is based on a Bomford frame but another row of tines has been fitted and a plain following roller. The sweep shares first used in 2002 make an excellent 'min-till' seedbed very quickly with speeds of 12kph (7mph) The Sumo Trio has almost completely replaced this.
Marshall bale Trailer Marshall 21 foot Flat Trailer: Shown here with bale racks, but low ends are fitted when hauling silage bales, bags or pallets. It has an 8 tonne capacity.
'AS' 8 tonne tra AS Marston 8 tonne trailer: This was bought in 1987 and was a fairly large trailer then, but is a little small now. It has an automatic tailgate which makes life easier and is still used regularly for grain.

Opico He-Va 6.3m Folding Rollers: These are used to consolidate land after the plough. The pressure on the levelling boards can be adjusted according to soil conditions, or raised out of work.
Vaderstad Folding Rollers
Vaderstad 6.2m Folding Rollers: Used for firming seedbeds after drilling. They fold hydraulically to a width of about 2.8metrs for transport.
Suzuki Quad Suzuki QuadBike: A very useful machine which can be fitted with a small sprayer or slug pellet broadcaster. It is also extremely useful for transporting small items to places inaccessible by other transport.
MF 35 Massey Ferguson 35: This is really a vintage tractor but is used fairly regularly for light jobs around the farm.
Pasture topper Major 3m Topper: Used to tip set-aside and pasture. This machine has two shaft driven rotors which cut and mulch the grass and spreads it evenly behind the machine.
We also have other smaller pieces of equipment such as subsoiler, post driver, etc.

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