Letham Shank Farm - Crops, Machinery and Livestock


   Letham Shank Weather Station
     Latitude  N 55° 46' 36"     Longitude  W 02° 02' 10"
     Elevation  54 m  
     Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland TD15 1UX

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Soil Temperature, Moisture for 2019  

Note: This an experimental page based on new sensors received in November 2013
The Soil Moisture in cb (0 to 200) has been converted to a percentage, where 100% = 0 cb = 'Field Capacity' and 0% = 200 cb = No Moisture.
Note: There is virtually no moisture available to plants below 46% (approx 92cb) on clay soils.
   Evapotranspiration is displayed in mm/day.
The main sensors are at 300 mm depth with secondary at 600mm.
The moisture sensor appeared to be reading incorrectly so another was purchased and installed. The measurement of both sensors was identical, so the new set were buried at 600mm depth below originals.
There is uncut vegetation growing above the sensors and the soil type is
clay/loam (300) with a clay subsoil (600).

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