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Barn Owl Nest Videos - Invader Live Camera Feed

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A feral pigeon which had been clambering over the box for a morning finally plucked up the courage to go in. He won't do that again.

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This nest box was made and placed in the ridge of a 'hay shed' (a steel portal framed building with cladding to the ground on one gable and one side to protect from prevailing weather) in 2012. The Barn Owls were so secretive that it was not until large numbers of casts were found that it was apparent the box was in use. In 2015 a camera was set up to observe the comings and goings outside the box and in 2016 an internal camera was fitted to observe the nest more closely. As we are on 'rural broadband' streaming live images of decent quality to the www is virtually impossible.

Barn Owls on the nest box Barn Owls in the nest box Barn Owls in the Nest Box Internal Camera in the Box
A few stills of the Barn Owls. Please be aware that the box is in the ridge of a very dark shed and even when the infra red is off the light levels are very low. The internal camera of the Barn Owl box.


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